There's no limit in what you can achieve on your chosen field of endevaour

As a Corporate Student in International Management for Business and It at Hewlett Packard Packard Enterprise (HPE) in Germany, I make a positive contribution to my teams, enabling to support people powered by technology.

In a three months cycle of theoretical and practical assignments within HPE Germany's bachelor degree program, I gather experience in business information technology, digital transformation and digitalisation in the workplace, and in the idea economy.

Adapt, learn and grow


I have been engaged in my local community of my hometown in Germany, encouraging young people to participate in political issues and to enhance diversity. You can check more information here.


Growing up in a multicultural family with a German and Thai background, I have experienced first hand the enrichment of diversity. My personal view is, that in diversity everybody can learn something new.


For me, open-mindedness enables to take new opportunities. Whether it's in my activities, I do every day, or the chance to work and live in other parts of the world; it's important for me to grow continuously both in professional as well as in personal terms.

The journey continues

During the last 2.5 years, I've had the pleasure of working and contributing in different teams in different parts of the world

Cities go smart: Bachelor Thesis

My bachelor thesis is about open-data government initiatives with smart city solutions in Germany: Which capabilities shall players such as politics, corporations, and associations utilise to realise smart cities? 

Working abroad in Singapore

I had the pleasure of working with HPE Service's Global Marketing Team for Asia Pacific & Japan from August to November 2016. Based in Singapore, I was involved in C-Level engagements, including setting up a CXO Roundtable event and ongoing digital marketing activities.

Study Abroad in Brisbane, Australia

From February to June 2016, I spent a semester in the sunny state of Queensland. Based in Brisbane, I attended the Griffith University and had the opportunity to experience the Australian lifestyle. 

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